Our brands

Our Jacquet, Brossard and Milcamps brands offer over 100 speciality breads and pastries, ensuring that there is something for everyone!

Logo Jacquet

In 1885, Philibert Jacquet, a Parisian baker, lodged a patent for crispbread and founded the Jacquet brand. He was awarded a gold medal at the 1889 Paris Exposition Universelle for this product.

In 1962, Duroi was created to meet the needs of a new type of trade – large retailers. Jacquet and Duroi were pioneering brands, as they established the sandwich bread market in France.

The Jacquet brand has operated for many years in the pre-packaged bread market (including sandwich bread, appetizer breads, part-baked breads, and crispbreads).

Logo Brossard

The Brossard brand was founded in 1931 by Georges Brossard, a pastry chef, and made its name thanks to the boudoir (ladyfinger), a delicious, light, egg-based sponge biscuit, dusted with sugar.

In 1962, in the middle of the period of industrialisation, consumers discovered a unique, delicious, soft, marbled chocolate cake: the Savane was born!

Nowadays, Brossard produces a wide range of pastries for children and adults alike: the famous marbled Savane, brownies, layer cakes, fruit cakes, ladyfingers, sponge fingers…to be shared with the family or enjoyed in individual portions.

Logo Milcamps

Joseph Milcamps founded his waffle shop in 1932. For close to a century, the waffles have been made in accordance with recipes from all four corners of Belgium.

Nowadays, Milcamps offers the biggest range of Belgian waffles. The Dour waffle factory produces Liège waffles, galettes (savoury pancakes), and fruit-filled waffles, and distributes them in local schools and to high-end grocery stores. Milcamps’ reputation started to grow in the 1980s and the company started selling to the classic distribution channels. It quickly began selling its products abroad.