Who we are

Jacquet Brossard is a major French industrial pastry and bakery products company, and specialises in producing and selling processed speciality breads and pastries through its Jacquet, Brossard and Milcamps brands. A subsidiary of the Limagrain agricultural co-operative, Jacquet Brossard generated a turnover of €310 million in 2022 and has a workforce of close to 1,400 employees.

Jacquet Brossard offers a comprehensive range of processed pastry and bakery products. We produce over 100 bread* (including sandwich bread, burger buns, festive breads, and crispbreads) and pastry product lines (such as marble cake, brownies, fruit cakes, layer cakes, and waffles), delivering tailored solutions to the diverse requirements of our clients and consumers.

*Speciality breads

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Our products


Marble cakes, brownies, layer cakes, fruit cakes, waffles, and pancakes… We offer over 100 varieties in individual or family-size portions.

Speciality breads

We produce sandwich bread, burger buns, appetizer breads, ethnic breads, crusty breads…over 50 varieties of bread to suit every taste!

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Our values

Jacquet Brossard is a good place to work and progress. The company fosters a cooperative ethos and strong human values in order to create this environment:


Conducive to creativity and a source of innovation, progress is a source of initiatives and success, without there being any fear of failure.


We are tenacious in our efforts to offer our clients the best.


We demonstrate solidarity by advocating goodwill and teamwork to develop and celebrate our collective achievements.

Key facts and figures

370 M€
2023 turnover
Turnover distribution by product type
  • 60% Bread
  • 35% Pastry
  • 1% Biscuits
  • 4% Crusty products
Turnover distribution by business area
  • 48% Our brands
  • 39% B to B
  • 13% International
7 production
2 logistics

Management committee

Jean-Marc BIGOT
Stéphane des MAZERY
Operations Director
Administrative and Financial Director
Strategy and Innovation Director
Nicolas d'ESPOIS
Sales Director

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